My Child is Currently In ISR Lessons: What Should I Be Doing With Him in the Pool?

The BEST answer to this question is: “Please stay out of the pool during your child’s ISR lesson timeframe.”

Try alternatives, like Melissa Larsen mentions in her post here:

If you haven’t had a parent lesson yet, do not attempt to “practice” anything in the pool. “Practicing” without having been shown how to is actually the opposite of practicing - it is interfering with their learning, and can undo all of their hard work.

If you absolutely cannot stay out of the pool, this means -

DO NOT lie your child in a floating position, even with your hands on them.

DO NOT - in any way, shape, or form - try to mimic what you see us as instructors do in lessons.

DO NOT - use flotation devices (aside from on a vessel or open water). These devices are not "learn to swim" aides, nor are they a substitution for getting in the pool and being within arms reach of your child. Find out more by reading our Facebook post, here:


For your toddler: Hold him….

And if he’s “trying to jump out of your arms and swim….” Tell him “no.”

And if “he won’t listen” - it’s time to get out of the pool for now.

For an infant: Wear an appropriate baby wrap or hold her. This one seems to get some good reviews all around:

Beach Front Baby Wrap

If she’s “trying to throw her head back and float” - avoid the position that is causing her to do this, or… yes… you guessed it… it’s time to get out of the pool.

All of the above is another great reason off-season lessons are so beneficial. Skills are efficiently learned and retained when there is no outside interference! So if you’re not enrolled yet, get on our fall schedule!

(And yes, this means you should be prepared to get your suit on and get in the pool for at least one lesson!)

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